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  • A preview of your site’s current analytics in an hour or less
  • A comprehensive writeup of your results within 24 hours
  • Options to schedule a 30-minute follow-up discussion call w/ one of our SEO professionals to go over your results and answer any questions

Here’s what the report will look like

Expect a report that provides insight into how optimized your site’s structure is today, and see areas where improvements can be made.

Total Score: This is an overall health score of your website based on your website’s structure, link health, backlinks, and domain authority. The Total Score reveals how user-friendly and secure your domain is compared to expected SEO quality standards. It is calculated on a total score of 100.

Crawled Pages: This is the total number of pages crawled and analyzed by our bot which have been identified as linked / associated with your domain. This number includes all the internal, as well as external pages which a search engine would identify within your domain while indexing.

Errors: These are problems which are directly affecting the security status of your pages, and the user experience for visitors to your website. The primary Error categories include – Mixed Content

  • 4XX Errors (Broken External Links)
  • Broken Internal Links
  • Slow Load Speed

Warnings: These problems are affecting your website’s search ranking according to Google’s standards. Warnings are issues that are currently developing and will eventually reduce your search ranking position. The primary Warning categories include –

  • HTTPS Pages lead to HTTP Page
  • Pages with Uncompressed JavaScript and CSS Files
  • Pages with Missing Meta Description
  • Pages with Low Text to HTML Ratio
  • Excess Content within Title Tags
  • Pages without H1 Headings

Notices: These are issues on your website our analysis bot has identified according to our standards of ‘Good SEO Practices’. Notices give you the deepest level of assessment most other analysis reports will not reveal. The primary Notice categories include –

  • URLs with Permanent Redirects
  • Pages with Only One Incoming Internal Link
  • Subdomains that Don’t Support HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security)
  • Pages with More Than One H1 Heading

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