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What is SEO?

Every time you create a webpage or add to your domain (blog post, contact us page, etc…) Google or any other major search engine analyzes it and ranks your site based on every keyword users search for. If you have a large amount of quality content, you’ll go up higher on the results list.

How It Works:

  • Search engine scan your website’s content, and index each word
  • Based on the quality of your content and volume of keywords, your site is shown in a user’s search results given relevancy to their search query

The Rules:

  • Search Engines also scan for quality use of keywords.
  • Spamming keywords without solid reason (Putting it in white text with a white background) will not only be overlooked, but dock your page rankings.
  • There are rules to how you get indexed, and each Search Engine is different.
  • Navigating these guidelines requires knowledge of them and making sure you target the right keywords and keep them relevant to rank high for your target consumer market.

Why is it necessary?

More Online Transactions

81% of consumers and 77% of B2B customers use search engines to research the products they’re interested in before purchasing.

Keeping up with Competitors

More businesses are taking advantage of empowering their digital landscape through SEO and SEM analyzation every day.

Strong SEO makes it easier for customers to find you

When you have a large amount of quality content, you’ll go up higher on the results list in search engines.

It costs you less

Ranking higher on search engines brings customers to you; eliminating extra advertising costs and creating better leads for your sales team to create clients out of.

How we can Help


Discover rankings relative to your market competition through:

  • Keyword Identification
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Website Health Assessment
  • Initial Positioning


Our experienced SEO Engineers work to:

  • Repair areas not optimized for Search Engines
  • Implement Keyword Strategy
  • Ensure Optimal Tagging Quality

Report & Review

After completion of the process, our engineers build reports and:

  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Data Analysis & Recommendations
  • Repeat the process to update keywording and stay ahead of the competition

Strategic Identification

Get targeted results and achieve your Internet Marketing goals with eWay

How do you acquire users?

Users not only visit your website, but participate in your business. We try to increase the total number of users by reaching the right people.

Where are your users?

Your users may be located anywhere in the world, but we will find the most effective target markets and online tools to promote your brand.

When do your users visit?

Online, timing and real time management is everything. Our analytics help you understand the exact statistics of all activities on your website.

What our customers think of us

eWay has been a great partner in helping us boost our digital marketing efforts. The team has helped us create and optimize campaigns to drive more traffic to our sites and reach our website goals.

Bankers Trust Company

Over the years they have successfully identified key words and trends that have positioned us favorably under organic google searches across all of our markets.

All American Turf Beauty, Inc.

What eWay team has done with our SEO and SEM has changed our business. We are receiving the type of customer base we were looking for.

Des Moines Dental Group

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